General rules for building permit

Procedure for obtaining building permit in Crocus Expo IEC.

What should be done aiming to avoid problems at a stand build up:

  1. Prepare all necessary documentation for the stand construction.
    A graphical 3D model of stand design. Please indicate location of engineering equipment (if available) on the layout including water and compressed air tie-in points.
    List of qualified electricians (at least 3rd admission group according to applicable Russian rules and regulations) and copies of electricians’ IDs to be authorized for electric wiring of the stand and connection of electric equipment.
    A detailed stand plan with layout of electrical installations and electric control board diagram (to provide electric protection of electrical installations), drawoff points (supported by a detailed description of symbols) aiming to demonstrate stand lighting system and power connections.
    Goods delivery and removal application with a list of equipment and materials to be delivered to the stand and appropriate fire and health safety certificates for used materials and equipment authorizing the use of the materials and equipment in the Russian Federation territory.
    A list of stand builders to execute build up and break down works to receive passes to the exhibition centre.
    Copy of an order appointing the supervisor in charge of electrical equipment installation at the stand and an order appointing the supervisor in charge of build up and break down works and safety at the stand.
    Static calculation for load-bearing units at a multi-storey stand and wind load at an outdoor stand. The calculation may be made by you and inspected by our technical staff or ordered at our company.
  2. The Exhibitors are to submit all design documents for the exhibition equipment for approval by the Fire Safety department at Crocus Expo. Fire Safety department is located in Pavilion 1 (staff entrance), 1st floor, office 104.
  3. Undergo technical expertise at BuildExpo LLC engineering department (staff entrance, 1st floor, office 119). Engineering department will check your documentation on compliance with the requirements of Crocus Expo and will issue a technical expertise act (provided you have submitted all necessary documents).
    Please be informed that technical expertise is a paid service and a delay in the paperwork has a higher price.
    Should you fail to submit the paperwork to the engineering department well in advance (for example you reside out of Moscow) feel free to send the documents by e-mail at: or Our specialists will return the result of technical expertise. You are requested to submit original paperwork to the engineering department when you start build up works.
    A contractor permission to perform build up works will be Approved stamped only against payment in full!
  4. Payment procedure.
    All payments of the prices invoiced are due 3 bank days after the invoices received. If the invoices are not paid within the deadlines or not paid in full amount BuildExpo LLC has the right to delay the issue of admission passes or to withdraw from the contract.
    BuildExpo LLC presents full pack of necessary documents: contract application, act for performed works and invoice. Thus you need to have either a stamp or Power of Attorney. Power of Attorney (download).
    A contractor permission to perform build up works will be Approved stamped only against payment in full!
  5. The transport of equipment and materials to the stand site should be made on the first day of the exhibition build up period. Storage of building and stand fitting materials during the Event build up/break down periods is only allowed within the space contracted. Gangways between the stands shall be kept clear. All exhibitors are obliged to follow rules and regulations at build up and electric installation works in Crocus Expo IEC.
    We ask you to respect other participants: please refrain from hoarding up your equipment on the space of neighbor stands, it will impede their construction; it is forbidden to use other participants’ furniture and equipment, to use other participants’ structures as support for temporary storage of the materials, etc.

Check the concurrence of the constructors’ timing with the time allocated for build up and break down by the organizers of the exhibition. Check the number of workers assigned to build up and break down your stand. All forfeits, and faulty and/or inadequate documentation are chargeable, you and your company can lose money on that.
All rubbish and waste materials must be cleared from the halls, all stains removed at the end of the breakdown period. The adhesive tapes applied shall not leave traces after being removed.

Info on hoisting equipment.

Dear builders!
BuildExpo LLC reminds you that electric facilities and feeding cable condition and electric control board operability shall be exclusively subject to the sole responsibility of the exhibitor!!!
Foreign stand constructors shall present certificates on the equipment and certificates of the personnel operating the equipment in order to get permission for hoisting equipment usage. The permission issue is a paid service and it costs 25 euro per each hoisting equipment unit.
All operators of hoisting equipment are obliged to have the certificate for the works in the Russian Federation. Some of foreign constructors may not have such certificates. BuildExpo LLC renders services on chief installation for foreign stand constructors. The service costs 20 euro per each hoisting equipment unit.